Font 1.0 complete

Alright, the first version of the font for Beelzebox is ready. It’s currently only in bold, but for monster names it will suffice.

At first, I actually grabbed a blank piece of paper and started drawing on that. BAD idea. Both because I don’t have a fine gel pen that’s best for such projects and because the results of turning a scanned raster image into a vector one don’t always recreate the original intent.


I decided that digital was the way to go. So I grabben by old Pentagram QuadPen graphics tablet and got down to drawning!

Well, actually… before I got down to drawing I discovered that the >10 year old device isn’t supported on any Windows version other than XP. The manufacturer pretends it never existed, in fact.

So I got my XP machine (shout outs to Artur, who gave me his laptop) and installed something that would work on the aged computer. I decided to go with my old copy of Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, whick I grabbed before their aquisition by Corel, for the short period when Jasc distributed the program for free. The tablet itself works flawlessly on the setup and an ability to undo any skewed line I draw was a godsend.


Okay, so what are the results?

The font I created is called Fodiator (bounus points to anyone who can deduce why I used this name). While its basic shape resembles previously mentioned Exocet, there are multiple things I changed/added to create its unique flavour. The first thing you’ll notice is that the distance between characters is way narrower than in the Diablo font. This will allow for longer monster names (we’ll have a blog post about the name generator sometime later), I hope.

The change that gives the font its own style are the serifs. While the Diablo font had stylized serifs on all its characters, Fodiator has simple, hand drawn lines that are supposed to look as though the font just got drawn by a draughtsman. There are also several changes to specific characters (M especially stands out) and kerning applied.

I am very happy with the results! Fodiator doesn’t even look out of place on a page from 11th century Sacramentarium Tinecense, have a look:


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